#tbt: She.Is.Beautiful selfies

Somehow I misplaced a month of my life. WTH? March, where did you go? It was such a blur that I had to visit iPhoto to make sense of what happened. Thankfully, it looks like I had a great time : )

There’s so much I want to share and throwback Thursday seems like the perfect place to start. Perhaps I’ll throwback every day until I catch up, LOL! Let’s start with my she.is.beautiful selfie project. I set out to capture all the amazing women I knew running the race (and my main man cheering on the sidelines)  – nearly 50 of those lovelies that mean the world to me. She.Is.Beautiful describes itself as the pinkest 5k and 10k race, but it is so much more than that. It’s about honoring the strength and beauty we possess in one giant love fest for all that is womanly and wonderful both inside and out. Girl power!

A common theme in my conversations had to be the positive energy and supportive spirit that uplifted everyone. Some people even PR’ed (personal record) their distance because they were so positively encouraged! The future sport psychologist in me is still mulling over the mental forces at play. Suffice it to say that confidence and motivation were off the charts on that overcast Sunday morning.

I’m slightly embarrassed about how many times my face pops up below. If I could, I would crop myself out of every photo and give every lady their center square! As it stands, the project came to mind on the fly as I started snapping, and I’m grateful to have this collection of memories to share with you.

There’s always next year, so don’t be shy when I ask to take your individual powerful, wonderful, fill-the-square portrait for my second annual SIB collage! Let’s grow this baby to epic numbers : )

2015 SIB Selfie Collage blackIf you don’t want to wait until next March to participate, S.I.B. Santa Barbara runs every September and registration opens May 1. Mark your calendars, who’s up for a road trip?

Much love always,

xxoo Joy

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