Happy birthday, Mom!

Happiest (now belated) birthday to my amazing mom! Although this will post on the proper day, I realize my timing was off and she’ll see this a day late. Oh well, maybe I’ll get it straight for next year. But then again, I’m using this space as an exercise for my writing process more than anything else, so I won’t get too excited if I’m late again in the future : )


{ Cheers to my mom! Remembering this fun day on my annual visit back in 2014 }

With me living 2,500 miles away from Ohio, the phone remains our primary way to connect. Earlier, I left my off-key rendition of “happy birthday” on my mom’s voicemail. I’ve found that if I sing it fast enough, it’s almost passable! We finished our chat with her running out for some ice cream and me just running. She’s healing up a sore bum from slipping on some icy, concrete stairs last week, so I promised her a mile and later would indulge in some ice cream in her honor.


Today for me was all about meal prep and movement. It worked well for me last week, and I want to keep the momentum going until I can form some solid new habits. I started by boiling some eggs for a quick grab-and-go breakfast on the upcoming mornings when I’m rushing to get out the door and commute 90 miles to school. It might seem simple (and it is!) but before I was reaching for a Kashi granola bar or some Belvita crackers. Now that I’m trying to pass on processed foods and choose more whole and homemade goodies, the eggs hold up for enough days in the fridge and I eat ’em in the car with some grape tomatoes and dill pickles. Very Mediterranean!


Next, I prepped some cucumbers and strawberries to make my green smoothie come together faster. I’m lucky to live in the land of Driscoll Berries corporate headquarters and the strawberry fields are all around me, except now they’re out of season. I started to wonder where they came from…and so it seems I should try to have these thoughts before I buy. But aren’t they pretty?


Finally, I roasted some cauliflower to go with yesterday’s sweet potatoes. Having these foods on hand allows me to make smarter choices since I try to bring breakfast, lunch, and dinner with me on the road.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I’ve also been on the lookout for a good meal kit to transport it all and found this fun lunch blox at the grocery store. I bought two sets and tried one out last week. It kept everything cold for 8 hours, score! They had an “adult” version that was $5 more and had 2 smaller, square containers instead of one of the small rectangles. I prefer this one for cut veggies or crackers and cheese.


I won’t get started on all the homework and reading I put in today. Maybe I’ll figure out how to write about that over the next few days as I shift from physical to mental activities. Adding to the madness, today’s run was “easy” on the heart rate (HR) schedule. The goal was one hour at 70% of max HR, which for me is zone 3 or below. I did pretty well staying within those parameters, and felt pretty strong towards the end.

All in all a great day I dedicate to mom — without her, there would be no me! Happy birthday!


IMG_5980I try for my easy runs to be 80% or better in the target zone. I managed 73% total today. }

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  1. Patty Zelinski February 10, 2015 at 7:21 am #

    Thank you for the Birthday Love! After our talk, I had a quiet dinner of chocolate cupcake and ice cream, then I did my dinner of lamb chops. In that order, as it was my birthday after all. Love, Momma.

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