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Activating Academic Mode

My how time flies! I’m not sure what happened, but all of the sudden I’m finding myself five weeks into an 11-week quarter. YIKES! Almost halfway to finals, I feel like I haven’t yet found my groove. I work well from a to-do list, so here is my attempt to figure out what is due […]

Happy birthday, Mom!

Happiest (now belated) birthday to my amazing mom! Although this will post on the proper day, I realize my timing was off and she’ll see this a day late. Oh well, maybe I’ll get it straight for next year. But then again, I’m using this space as an exercise for my writing process more than […]

Sunday Run at Pinto Lake

Everything is rad! I chose to wear a hat today to keep the rain off my face, and this one in particular to celebrate the group leader who says rad in her own natural, rad way. This is my fourth Sunday run with the Watsonville Moms RUN This Town at Pinto Lake County Park. I love this RAD group […]

Nike Demo Day!

The morning greeted me with a torrential downpour, rain that had started the previous evening. It was going to be a wet, wet training group, and I layered myself in preparation. I don’t particularly enjoy being wet or cold, so last year I learned how to dress in order to minimize my discomfort during the mild […]

Who needs sleep?

tips for better sleep

Maybe you, if diet and exercise aren’t enough to help you maintain or lose weight. [Note: I wrote this post a part of a research project my professor called “Theory to Tweet” in March 2013. I’ll continue to share what I learn as I go from sport and clinical psychology assignments.] Did you get more than […]